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Jönköping University has around 10,000 students, of which 1,500 are international students. It is a leading institution within international student exchanges and is among the best in Sweden in terms of attracting fee-paying students. Teaching, research and commissioned projects are conducted by the university’s four schools: The School of Health and Welfare, the School of Education and Communication, Jönköping International Business School and the School of Engineering.


Under the Swedish Public Procurement Act (SPPA), Jönköping University (JU) had to renew telecom and mobile phone supply agreements. JU found that there were problems with the poor quality of the subcontracted answering service, with significant deficiencies in the exchange of information reflecting badly on JU. JU also wanted a solution that offered greater mobility and better organisation of its management of mobile phones.


Telemanagement’s assignment was to:

  • Develop a strategy for forthcoming procurement
  • Evaluate requirements based on management’s focus and the needs of the organisation
  • Compile needs, requirements and terms
  • Provide support in implementation


To achieve the best results in the highlighted problem areas, it was decided to carry out a call-off order and a procurement process. The call-off order that was made for Communications as a Service focused on the quality of the answering service and the ability to increase the mobility of services. After only a few months JU noticed a significant improvement in the quality of the information supplied by the answering service, with more satisfied ‘customers’ as a result.

The separate procurement of ‘mobile phones as a service’ has resulted in much more efficient management of handsets in terms of control and the impact on the environment. The institution is also reducing its own management and administration and has created better conditions for greater mobility.

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