SwAM is a government agency that works to solve key environmental problems and create sustainable management of seas, lakes and watercourses. Its mission includes conservation, which involves providing leadership and support in the implementation of environmental policy and working to achieve sustainable management of fisheries. SwAM is based in Gothenburg and has around 280 staff. Its employees are mostly based in Gothenburg, but it also has smaller offices at six other sites. It also inspects fisheries around Sweden’s coast, which involves checking fishing catches.

The challenge

SwAM’s Communications as a Service (CaaS) agreement had expired and a new solution had to be called-off and implemented.
This new solution had to be based on:

  • Cost-effectiveness and simplicity
  • High availability for the authority’s reporting service, which involves fishermen having to report incoming catches around the clock
  • Good mobile coverage along the Swedish coast to ensure it can conduct its inspections without disruption

The assignment

Telemanagement’s assignment was to manage:

  • The call-off process, including needs inventory and requirements specification
  • Evaluation and supplier selection
  • The implementation process together with the chosen supplier


  • Reduced telecom costs
  • More suitable coverage
  • More effective tools for users
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