Infrastructure covers all the components and operating services needed to collect, store, transmit and produce information, including communication networks such as WAN, LAN, WiFi, next generation networks (SD-WAN), IoT (Internet of Things) applications, cloud connections, applications management and IT sourcing.

As consultants and project managers, we focus on streamlining and developing management of infrastructure, planning, purchasing, administration, management and follow-up.


  • Nordic infrastructure for WAN, LAN and Wifi – project manager for procurement and implementation, with more than 3,000 access points
  • IT sourcing – project management
  • System for alarm control and alarm management at a major emergency call centre – sourcing
  • Global network for data communication infrastructure – procurement of SD-WAN with related services, security solutions, cloud-based services etc.
  • Project manager for procurement of traffic information system in transport and logistics

“With new technology and digitalisation, there is a constant need for development and administration of the infrastructure. The challenge lies in meeting the demands of digitalization while relate to the legacy”

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