Procurement of information technology is the key to a successful solution to “the simple client meeting”. We have many years of practical experience of procurement and can be your partner and expert throughout the process, from specification to contract.


DProcurement needs to be carried out right, with the right content and savings need to be identified. And you need to know how technology can improve efficiency and add value. This means that it’s important to get the very best expertise on board when planning procurement.

As an independent business consultancy, Telemanagement has in-depth knowledge, experience and understanding of procurements of solutions, technology and services in our areas.

  • The client meeting, including contact centre solutions and client meeting services, case management etc.
  • IT infrastructure WAN, LAN, WiFi, next generation networks (SD-WAN), IoT (Internet of Things) applications, cloud connections, applications management and IT sourcing
  • Telephony & digital meetings, including technology, services and applications for fixed-line and mobile telephony in business-critical environments such as administration, production, contact centre, tools for interaction and e-service platforms

Each year, we are involved in around 50 procurement projects. Our clients include companies, organisations and public-sector agencies in Sweden, the Nordic region and internationally. In Telemanagement, you get a partner that has 30 years’ documented experience of delivering complex projects and that knows the market, its suppliers and its various business models.

Service content

  • Project managers
  • Procurement manager or specialist support
  • Experienced negotiators and contract specialists
  • Interactive procurement
  • International procurement
  • Procurement in accordance with Swedish procurement legislation and call-offs under framework agreements
  • Sourcing and benchmarking
  • GDPR analysis

Support all the way to the finish line

With us, you get support all through the process – from pre-procurement planning to award and final contract. But we will also be there to help with project management and project support during the implementation phase itself and in the ongoing work of administration, if you need us. In other words, we are no ordinary consulting organisation.

For more information, contact Christophe Herly tel: +46 (0)730 38 53 74 or email.


Christophe Herly
Tel: +46 (0)730 38 53 74