Delivering a project on schedule and on budget to us is just normal. Measuring our performance in terms of customer satisfaction and desired outcomes is more important in order to assure measurability against business plans and objectives.

Customer satisfaction with our service and cooperation is a basic condition of our existence. We both measure NPS (Net Promoter Score) and engage in more in-depth dialogue after our projects.

Outcome target – our objective
What is important to us is that the projects that we are involved in achieve the expected KPIs and outcome targets, which has a direct impact on and is measurable in our customers’ business and organisational objectives.

By focusing on KPIs, our work is aligned with what actually creates benefit. In some cases, it may be difficult to measure the actual effects immediately on completion of a project. With the customer’s agreement, we then perform a follow-up analysis of the effects 3–6 months later to ensure that we have achieved the objectives set.

Example of KPIs

  • Availability – response times, case handling time, degree of resolution
  • Process optimisation – number of cases per function/day/employee
  • Saving – costs compared with earlier costs and costings for project, administration costs
  • Price – in line with market, we pay the right price