We can adapt our offering according to the needs of your organisation. We usually approach projects using one of three different models. Commitment, Results and Resources.

Our approach is pragmatic, and we adapt our offering to our client’s needs, in order to deliver efficient projects and cost efficiency in our work. We normally use one of three models: Results, Resources and Commitment


Based on given expectations and plans, we adopt a comprehensive approach in which we achieve the intended outcomes. Together we establish what activities will occur on a daily/weekly/monthly basis or even annually. We then adapt our work based on the plan and the expertise and resources required. This means that the cost is based on requirements and is not constant, as when managing one’s own workforce. In addition, we have many specialists who you can hire as consultants in areas where perhaps your needs are only short-term.

Our role is to be in the driver’s seat. You’ve decided where we’re going and we make sure that you reach your destination. Remuneration is usually based on a fixed monthly price for predetermined services and activities. The results of the work are measured against a range of KPIs.


Highly trained, experienced consultants/project managers who carry out the project on site in your organisation over a short or long period. These include project managers, procurement managers, manager for hire or similar. Usually charged on an hourly basis. Normally, this demands broad experience and adaptation to our clients’ methods and plans, and the outcomes to be achieved.


Under given conditions, we can take on overall control to achieve desired outcome objectives. This may typically involve the role of service manager to work towards efficiency targets, staff a project office or, as manager for hire, drive through changes. The outcome is measured against set KPIs.