Telemanagement will help you combine ideas, activities and plans so you can gain both short- and long-term competitive advantages.

If you don’t know where you’re going it doesn’t matter which direction you take

Are you planning changes and need to choose a direction for your organisation? Are you facing challenges that you don’t know how to manage? Does your organisation have ideas that you want to put into practice? Whatever questions you face, Telemanagement can help you find the answers.

We have gained significant experience and substantial knowledge from working with various types of development in the private and public sectors, so we know what we’re talking about. We’re independent and we offer services as a strategic advisor.

We offer:

  • Independent strategic advice in the areas of client meetings, IT infrastructure, telephony & digital meetings
  • Communication strategies
  • IT strategies
  • Mapping and analysis with action plans and recommendations
  • Answers to questions regarding challenges and opportunities
  •  Workshops for management functions and key personnel

For more information, contact Jukka Ristijärvi, on +46 (0)730 68 39 00, email


Jukka Ristijarvi

Jukka Ristijärvi
T: +46 (0)730 68 39 00