Toyota Material Handling Sweden (TMHSE) is Sweden’s leading supplier of forklifts and related services such servicing, spare parts supply, leasing, financing and driver training. It markets a comprehensive range of forklifts, including BT and Toyota brands, as well as Kalmar. The company also carries out servicing for all makes. The company had around 480 employees and sales of around SEK 1.3 billion in 2013.


Following the successful negotiation of a mobile operator agreement, the agreement’s new terms and contract formats had to be implemented.

In order to achieve maximum savings, Toyota wanted to optimise contracts at the same time as the implementation. Time, methods and knowledge for carrying out this work using TMHSE’s own resources were considered to be limited.

The assignment

  • Identify unnecessary and unused contracts and services in contracts.
  • Develop proposals for optimal packages for calls and internet use for multiterminal use.
  • Produce calculations to demonstrate financial savings for rationalisation and optimisation.
  • Plan and provide support for implementation.


  • Analysis of services and communication patterns based on the operator’s analysis tools.
  • Create a master data file for contracts, call volumes and internet use.
  • Rationalise/Sort records.
  • Analyse and develop proposals for optimal packages of contracts, calls and internet use.
  • Develop an implementation plan.
  • Review and explain the various package options for TMHSE.
  • Consult with the operator on proposed packages and how best to implement them.
  • Develop ordering documentation for the operator.
  • Provide support in implementation of changes to contracts.


The optimisation work was structured into objectives involving three stages with the following results.

1. Rationalisation

  • Sorting and clearing out databases.
  • Elimination of unnecessary contracts.
  • Replacement of incorrect forms of contracts.
  • Cost reduction of 5%* of the overall mobile operator costs.

2. Optimisation

  • Proposals for 6 optimised packages for different types of users.
  • Calculation documentation for the relevant decision-makers.
  • Implementation plan.

3. Implementation

  • Ordering documentation for the operator.
  • Implementation support.
  • New contracts for most users.
  • Cost reduction of 20% of the overall mobile operator costs.
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