Telge Energi is one of Sweden’s fastest growing independent electricity trading companies and currently has 170,000 customers nationally. In the past the company has been described as a discounter, but in recent years it has developed a strong brand based on its environmentally sustainable profile. Telge Energi now only sells clean solar, hydro and wind generated electricity.

The challenge

Electricity sales is one of the most competitive markets in Sweden today, and customer mobility is high. Telge Energi is successful in gaining new customers, but customer mobility is a challenge for the entire industry. By reducing customer losses, electricity companies are able to effectively increase their volume of customers.

The most important component in increasing customer satisfaction and reducing costs of new customer acquisitions is a customer-focused and efficient customer service.

The assignment

  • Achieve ‘world-class customer service’
  • Identify clear phases for change management
  • Change management in four areas: Workforce management, process, leadership and organisational structure


  • Establishment of basic Workforce Management (WFM)
  • Creation of clear processes
  • Highlight and clarify customer service leadership
  • Compile resources and skills


The change management was structured in three phases ‘Sort – Retain – Sell’ to create clarity, activities and targets.
The following target KPIs were achieved in phase 1:

  • Customer satisfaction increased by 6% between March and April
  • Customer service availability increased by 10% between March and April
  • Case management time decreased by 10% between March and April

The use of WFM provided the opportunity to forecast, plan and schedule ‘the right skills in the right place at the right time’, leading to more efficient use of resources and greater customer service availability. Using structured processes, uniform working practices were created, first call resolution (FCR) was improved, efficiency increased, knowledge secured and customer satisfaction raised.

The customer service organisation has changed and all resources that work with incoming customer cases have been grouped together for greater flexibilty in staffing and easier dissemination of information and knowledge.

A new manager and active leadership coaching are in place. This has led to greater enthusiasm among staff, improved job satisfaction in the group and solid knowledge about how to conduct customer-friendly and effective conversations with customers.

For me, it was important to get a professional perspective on our customer relations. I’ve learnt a lot during this process, I’ve had some of my own theories confirmed and we’ve had good project management. One of the success factors has been implementing changes while the project was ongoing and involving my employees in the work together with Telemanagement

Anna Albinsson, Head of Customer Service, Telge Energi

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