peter-thorsonIn 2013, SNBH conducted its own procurement of a telecom solution as there was no government framework agreement. The procurement process went well and led to good results. Telemanagement helped SNBH with producing a requirements specification and provided invaluable support throughout the entire process. We are absolutely delighted with the support we received

Peter Thorsson, IT-manager at SNBH

About SNBH

SNBH is the government authority that oversees sustainable urban development for the benefit of citizens. SNBH’s vision is to be “An authority that ensures world-class urban development”. SNBH is an administrative authority that oversees issues concerning the built environment, administration of areas of land and water, physical planning, construction and management of buildings, housing and housing funding. SNBH helps disseminate knowledge and also conducts national/international cooperation within its area of expertise.

The challenge

SNBH wanted to upgrade its telecom solution, its Contact Centre platform and its internet connections. It had previously made call-off orders under the Swedish Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency framework agreement. However, this framework agreement needed to be renewed and no new framework agreement was in place.

The assignment

The assignment involved the design of a solution and procurement in accordance with the Swedish Public Procurement Act (SPPA) of a new telecom, internet and Contact Centre solution. The assignment included:

  • A review and analysis of requirements.
  • The design of a solution for fixed and mobile telecoms, related support systems, customer service solutions, management tools for mobile phones and telephone operator services.
  • The preparation of comprehensive procurement documentation.
  • Management of the procurement process based on the SPPA.
  • Evaluation of proposed solutions.


The assignment resulted in the development of a modern, up-to-date and budgetable telecom and internet solution providing a good basis for offering effective service for citizens and other stakeholders. It also reduced telecom costs dramatically.

Lars Hultman

Lars Hultman
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