Telemanagement handles management services for Sodexo’s telecommunications. As part of its undertaking, Telemanagement will act as Service Manager and Contract Manager and handle Telecom Expense Management (TEM), as well as operating as system owner and administrator.

About Sodexo

Sweden’s and the Nordic region’s leading service management company. Offers support services adapted to customer needs, as well as other services in the following areas: Property services, catering & vending, workplace services, cleaning services, and others. Approximately 2,400 telecom and IT users in Sweden. Has operations at around 800 sites.


Complex telecommunications environment. Need to reduce costs, save time and focus on its own core activities. Other factors include expertise, flexibility and trouble-free operation.

Telemanagement’s undertaking

Telemanagement is responsible for management services for Sodexo’s telecommunications. Services provided are Service Manager and Contract Manager, as well as Telecom Expense Management (TEM) and system owner and administrator services. The assignment is at a fixed price and is monitored using KPIs such as cost reductions, user satisfaction and business benefits.

Svante Renard

Svante Renard
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