Sandviken Municipality

Sandviken Municipality, population 38,000, is located in Gästrikland, central Sweden. The municipality has approximately 2,300 employees. Sandviken Municipality is part of Gävlesborg County, which extends over an area of 1,167 square kilometres. Like most municipalities, Sandviken faces challenges in education, healthcare and social services, and its people’s demands for better services.

The challenge

The municipality’s agreements on fixed-line and mobile telephony services were about to expire, while at the same time its approximately 2,300 employees faced a series of needs and challenges arising from demands for effective communication solutions.

  • Large geographical area with many workplaces
  • Need for increased mobility and cost efficiency
  • Focus on service to citizens via establishment of a new citizens’ centre

The assignment

As a result of these challenges, Telemanagement was commissioned:

  • To develop a planning framework to accommodate a new communication solution
  • Impact analysis of procuring service compared to owning the technology
  • To carry out analyses of requirements and needs
  • To prepare a comprehensive framework for calling-off communication functions as a service, based on the standard Kammarkollegiets (Swedish Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency) framework agreement (2013 version)
  • To assist in the evaluation of tenders and formulation of delivery agreements
  • Project management for the implementation project and establishment of administration and supplier governance
  • Advisor in the establishment of new citizens’ centre

The outcome

  • New, flexible service agreement including mobile and a number of fixed-line systems, mobile and fixed-line operator services, contact centre services, telephony services, infrastructure for indoor mobile telephony coverage etc.
  • Increased mobile coverage, both indoor and outdoor
  • Cost reduction of 40%
  • Better follow-up


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