Samhall has been undergoing significant change for some time and is now on the way to becoming a pure service company competing on the market. The business comprises 1,200 direct employees and around 20,000 development employees. In line with the change that the company has undergone, its business model has also developed so that time is now a key factor; the company now charges for the time it delivers. The size of the business also poses a significant challenge to reach out, manage and make changes sufficiently quickly.

The challenge

The telecommunications solution was adapted for direct employees and had been in place for a long time. The business’ needs pointed clearly to mobility and flexibility, and there was also a significant need for investments in solutions that create business benefits. The existing agreements expired and Samhall needed a clear strategy and objectives for how future communication could facilitate and provide the basis for its process of change.

The assignment

  • Develop a new strategy targeting 2017 that is sufficiently robust to work over time.
  • Define activities that lead to the fulfilment of the strategy.
  • Define procurement objects for forthcoming contractual periods.


The result of the first phase was a clear communication strategy and objectives based on the business logic, providing a basis for controllability and focus over time. This specification work involved a change management plan with clear stages for how the journey ‘from telephony to communication’ could be achieved. In addition, specific activities and projects were designed for the next few years as a model for how investments could be used efficiently.

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