The company

Bavaria Stockholm is part of Bavaria Nordic, one of the Nordic region’s largest retailers with four sites in Stockholm. Bavaria offers some of the world’s best and highest-performance cars and wants to differentiate itself in the market by making the entire customer experience world-class. Bavaria’s customers should always have a positive customer service experience in their contact with Bavaria and the company hopes that customers tell others about their great experience.

The challenge

Bavaria had been struggling for some time with problems concerning low availability and dropped calls.

The assignment

  1. Telemanagement was hired to perform a problem analysis and come up with proposals to resolve the problems along with an action plan. Bavaria gave Telemanagement free rein to analyse the problems from a broad perspective regarding technology, organisational structure, management, processes, call flow, etc.
  2. Bavaria also chose Telemanagement as its partner to implement changes and improvements. Here are some examples of sub-projects carried out in 2015.
  • Implementing and overseeing change management
  • Expert support for developing customer service processes and case management
  • Negotiation support for functional and commercial changes
  • Management coaching for the new Customer Centre Director
  • Skills support for Statistics and Staffing

The assignment is continuing in 2016 and beyond.


Problem analysis: Interviews with management and representatives from all sites. Meetings with suppliers. Analysis of the situation, identification of causes of problems and development of proposed solutions.

Establishment of a Customer Centre: The first stage of the implementation has been to establish an entirely new Customer Centre in Stockholm, along with developing call flow, a contact centre solution, staffing, recruitment and premises.

Continued customer service development: The established Customer Centre function is just the first stage in the long-term development of customer service, including management of all sites’ customer cases according to a uniform customer service process.


  • The real causes of the problems were identified.
  • A solution scenario was presented, along with the effects that this could generate.
  • An action plan that set out a gradual change and how the project would be structured.

In September the company opened a brand new Customer Centre in Stockholm where all customer service cases for the Solna site are now handled. There was a clear improvement in customer service from the very first week as a result of increased availability and more efficient customer management. And it was possible to measure the improvement using the follow-up tool implemented as part of the project. Another positive effect has been the group spirit created among the customer centre team.

The results have been so good that Bavaria’s management wants to continue on a similar path, expanding customer centres for all its sites in Sweden. In the long term, the group may apply its Customer Service solution across the entire Nordic region.

Success factors in the results achieved have been

  • the specific action plan with clear interim goals
  • continual highly skilled management and follow-up of customer experience issues
  • good teamwork between Bavaria and Telemanagement
  • endorsement of the change process at a high level of management (group level)
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